Shot / created / spirited into deranged celluloid sentience, and seemingly without pausing for breath; the martial arts polymath, and all-round action-movie mad scientist / impresario Godfrey Ho is back in the ring with this beauty, and after his deadly K.O blow ‘Commando Fury’; he’s still swinging like a crack-addled, bipolar mo-fo; dazzling his fans with this unwieldy tumult of dementoid Ninja delirium! Ninja movies were ubiquitous DTV fodder in the mid-late 80’s, and yet, only one man; only one film-making visionary knew the future of composite, schiziod action; and that vertiginous future is right here, Ninjoids! Right now, scabies and gentlesperms: and that future is….’Shadow Killers Tiger Force’. The words ‘Rip’ and ‘Roaring’ were made and paired for such cinematic glory as this. Godfrey Ho, wherever thou art; thine magnificent art is appreciated; especially by this sleep-deprived, over-boiled noggin of mine!


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