DEFEKT (1977)

This superbly realized and darkly atmospheric thriller from Hungary is an absolute pip! While ‘Defekt’ initially appears to take considerable liberties with the ubiquitous cinematic tropes provided by Robert Bloch’s hugely influential ’Psycho’; the terse narrative nonetheless soon settles into a truly idiosyncratic, sparely-written, and decidedly taciturn, noirish thriller that makes excellent use of its slender running running time (67 mins approx) and equally meager locale. The creative photography and grimy art direction is uniformly excellent, and the supremely dark jazzoid score by Gyorgy Vukan is an absolute Lalo Schifrin-style delight! I found ‘Defekt’ to be hugely entertaining, and I sincerely hope many other similarly broad-minded, treasure-seeking euro-cult cinephiles also get a chance to appreciate this minor gem of Hungarian, jazz-fuelled terror!


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