An absolutely stonking example of Jess-Franco-eque titillation from sun-splashed Greece. Director Kostas Karagiannis doesn’t appear to be a sleazoid neophyte, as he directs his feisty (and not too mention nubile) cast with great aplomb, and gets on with the sordid matters at hand with admirable alacrity. This especially lurid narrative concerns the exploitative, and overtly libidinous orbits of one especially Greek male animal, Stathis; a tall, handsome, and brooding manipulator, who finds little trouble oozing his way into the innumerable confines of many young ladies undergarments, but, sharing the fate of many a svelte-moving Lothario, seems unable to keep hold of the momentary bounty bestowed upon his by this legion of ┬áThis pulpy tale of arch sexual machinations is handled well by Karagiannis, and I found myself wholly absorbed, not only by the generous wealth of exposed nubile flesh, but by these seedy, amoral characters, all of whom spiral inexorably into a glorious, Giallo-esque vortex of fervid sex and hot, bloody violence. I must admit that my initial, pre-viewing interest was somewhat perfunctory, but mere seconds into the hep-cat title sequence my fears were allayed, and ‘Tango of Perversion’ proved to be a giddy foray into murderous decadence.


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