Just arrived!!!!!!! ‘CHATTERBOX’ THE MINGE THAT SINGS!!!!!!

Available today, Tom De Simone’s delightfully ridiculous, operatic snatch opus, ‘CHATTERBOX’.


Considering that ‘Chatterbox’ has such a lurid central premise it came as a grand surprise to find that this amusing film deals with its gynecological conceit so chastely and with such effective humour. I can imagine that John Water’s would find much to amuse amongst all the cod(piece) Busby Berkely song N’ dance shibazz, but the grease palmed contingent are unlikely to find much stimuli amongst all the, quite frankly, Carry On, carrying’s on. Once our perky protagonist discovers that her previously dormant vagina now strives for decidedly vocal autonomy the film becomes an amusing parody of that most Hollywood cliché; the tabloid expose of a wide-eyed ingénue’s initial exposure to the ingratiating hoopla that comes with swiftly found celebrity. Much of the comedy of ‘Chatterbox’ is bawdy with an over reliance of genital metaphor; but it has to be said that everyone’s favorite 70’s nymphet, Candice Rialson has never been quite so adorable as the flaxen-haired vixen with the permanently sarcastic diva twat. These Rabelaisian goings on remind me of vintage, Russ Meyer; due to the earthy badinage and overtly rigorous and broad comedic performances, especially from the none-more-gay, Rip Taylor. For me ‘Chatterbox’is a genuine find, as for once the individual behind the lens hasn’t merely exaggerated the lowest common denominator to appease the furtive, nimble-wristed patrons of some Times Square scuzz palace; and much like the previously mentioned, Meyer, Tom De Simone opts for a more skillful, idiosyncratic take on all this low brow ribaldry.  It is nice to have one’s cynical preconceptions so wondrously confounded; and De Simone is to be congratulated for constructing such a frothy, amiable entertainment. ‘Chatterbox’ is entirely deserving of resurrection and one can only hope that a pristine print appears at some juncture; since, Candice Rialson’s delightful, chattering box deserves a far grander diorama from which we can admire her singular endowments. Special mention must be made of Neil Sedaka’s zippy, and damnably funky soundtrack; definitely one for a re-release!       



sweet hole alabama!

my ill fitting dress appeals, ya?

my ill fitting dress appeals, ya?


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