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Sunday, August 25th, 2013

The ultimate, mucho-macho, ‘tash-sportin’, roundhouse-givin’,  euro-crime ass-kicker Maurizio Merli unleashes his inimitable style of cathartic, non-PC gonzo skell-bashing in this pacy, gutsy offering from director Gianni Siragusa. Sweaty, uber-masculine fare; leavened with the super-spicy piquancy of the delectable lili Carati; a profoundly nubile actress who very rarely, if at all, has the time to cover her lissomeframe with anything so spurious as clothing. ‘Vultures over The City’ is blessed with an equally super- sexy theme by the mighty, and not to mention, entirely ubiquitous euro-crime composer, Stelvio Cipriani. This kinetic effort comes highly recommended to Euro-Crime neophyte’s and obsessive Italo-crime nerds alike! :)

Sublime poster art series 1) ‘The Doberman Gang (Italian)

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

I have amassed a huge collection of poster art and I will be uploading some personal favorites over the coming months. This stunning Italian poster for the mighty ‘Doberman Gang’ is a prime  example of my obsessive interest in dramatic poster art.