January 13th, 2014

‘Autopsia De Un Fantasma’ (1968) is a goofy, but fun Gothic horror pastiche from sunny Mexico, that includes a veritable who’s-who of vintage US horror. John Carradine, Cameron Mitchell, and Basil Rathbone all make glorious fools of themselves in this profoundly entertaining mad scientist yarn. A hugely entertaining romp that should be a sure fire winner for all discerning lover’s of wholly obscure South American cinematic oddness!


January 12th, 2014

Zesty, and utterly magnificent euro-spy spoof charged with an exemplary soundtrack by the legendary Bruno Nicolai and featuring a delightful performance from the wholly underrated Giuliano Gemma. Rollicking Stuff indeed!


January 11th, 2014

Superbly low-brow island-set voodoo exploitation from Osvaldo Civirani, which most certainly has no-less sleazoid charm than a similarly lewd offering from the likes of euro-cult icon, Jess ‘el sexo esta Loco’ Franco, or Joe ‘The Absurd’ D’Amato. ‘Voodoo Sexy’ is engorged with an especially thrusting, supa-lubed funk score from the master of oily, waterbed groove, Lallo Gori.

DEFEKT (1977)

January 8th, 2014

This superbly realized and darkly atmospheric thriller from Hungary is an absolute pip! While ‘Defekt’ initially appears to take considerable liberties with the ubiquitous cinematic tropes provided by Robert Bloch’s hugely influential¬†’Psycho’; the terse narrative nonetheless soon settles into a truly idiosyncratic, sparely-written, and decidedly taciturn, noirish thriller that makes excellent use of its slender running running time (67 mins approx) and equally meager locale. The creative photography and grimy art direction is uniformly excellent, and the supremely dark jazzoid score by Gyorgy Vukan is an absolute Lalo Schifrin-style delight! I found ‘Defekt’ to be hugely entertaining, and I sincerely hope many other similarly broad-minded, treasure-seeking euro-cult cinephiles also get a chance to appreciate this minor gem of Hungarian, jazz-fuelled terror!

INSIANG (1976)

December 28th, 2013

Needlessly obscure Filipino potboiler from 1976 that merits rediscovery!


December 27th, 2013

Zesty backwoods slasher from the halcyon era of big box VHS; neon-drenched video stores; bay area thrash metal supremacy, and all-round beery goodness. ‘Shallow Grave’ (1987) is a worthy view for those who crave a sanguinary blast from the heady horror daze of the Mike Myers obsessed 1980’s!


December 25th, 2013

What could possibly be more festive that a crisp W/S upgrade of Fernando Di Leo’s magnificent euro-crime starring the ubiquitous Martin Balsam and the sublime Barbara Bouchet?


December 19th, 2013

‘Check To The Queen’ is a breezy, little-seen euro-cult gem starring the truly delicious brunette starlet Rosanna Schiaffino, and is also enlivened by the handsome presence of Emmanuelle alumnus, and all-round mondo icon Gabriele Tinti. The equally delightful score is by the maestro of svelte sex funk Piero Piccioni. Good Stuff!


December 14th, 2013

A deliciously decadent tale concerning the dark, erotic machinations of the young, and terribly bored bourgeoisie. Three lissome young  pop-tarts kidnap a lithe young man for a long weekend of LSD experimentation and sexual hi-jinks. But, it all goes wrong; or does it? The soundtrack is a marvel; everyone is impossibly beautiful, and the locations are truly breathtaking. Fine work from director Ugo Liberatore. (definitely a film that deserves to be better known)


December 9th, 2013

Extraordinary, oblique, disturbing, and somewhat rare Spanish feature from 1979. This stylish piece documents the gradual subversion, and inexorable collapse of a young, dope-addled, wholly jaded filmmaker’s life. A dark, surrealist nightmare about the apparently vampiric properties of a hypnotic, phantasmagorical super-8 film that once seen is not soon forgotten! (including the viewer and main character alike!) ‘Arrebato’ is a strikingly lucid and fiercely imaginative work of pure cinema that includes some genuinely unsettling sequences; the narrative enigma grips right from the terse opening gambit, and swiftly immerses the giddy viewer in its unrelenting maelstrom of hallucinatory strangeness.